Call for 'Recorder' flutes

Recorder Donation to the Philippines

I went to the Philippines to make a presentation of my medical research at Uveitis Workshop 2015. But it was not the only reason I visited there. I met many friends in Manila, Cebu and Leyte. These children of the picture were recepients of donated children's clothing from Kochi, Japan after Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. They are two years older now from the time in the picture below.
After talking with my friends in the Philippines, we decided to make the second project from Japan to the Philippines. This is to send donated 'recorder' flutes. In Japan all elementary school children buy a recorder and learn how to play it, but after graduation anyone hardly plays it anymore. These recorders are simply abandoned or thrown away later. In the Philippines many children do not have any experience to learn how to play music instruments or hardly possess one of their own.

My friends in the Philippines are happy that they may give music education to children if they get recorder donation from Japan. Sons of my friend's family in Leyte, the Campos, happened to have their own recorders and know how to play. The family is really inclined to music and they are eager to teach children how to play it. My other friends in Manila and Cebu are also happy with this project.

Mrs. & Mr. Campos in Leyte Island

Kerin and Ben (son of Mr. Campos) who want to teach music to children

Leyte children in 2013