Propecia, Marvelon, etc.

Medications not covered by Japanese Medical Insurance

Japanese Health Insurance typically only covers the cost of care when you have an illness; it does not cover preventative medicines or general health check-ups (*see ‘General Charges’ page). However, a time may arise when you need medications that are not covered. For example, androgenic alopecia medicine for men (finasteride) and birth control pills for women, are both not covered by Japanese Health Insurance.

It is possible to get a prescription for either of these medicines, as well as others, at the clinic. Your prescription can then be filled at the pharmacy next to the clinic. For your protection, the following steps are required to get a prescription:

#1. Present the results of your medical check-up (done within the last 6 months) to the doctor or submit to a general physical examination (including blood and urine tests) at the clinic.

#2. For birth control pills an annual check-up by a gynecologist is required. The doctor can refer you to a gynecologist, if necessary.

#3. To refill your prescription, return to the clinic according to the doctor’s instructions.

#4. You will be responsible for paying 100% of the costs for these medications. The approximate costs are determined according to Japanese law and are listed below:

 ● First visit doctor consultation and prescription: 1,530 JYN

 ● Follow-up visit and prescription for the refill: 1,060 JYN

   ● Propecia (finasteride) 260 JYN/day (before tax)

  plus technical charge at the pharmacy (1,000 JYN)

   ● Marvelon (birth control pills) 1,500 JYN/month (before tax)

  plus technical charge at the pharmacy (1,000 JYN)    

* Costs are subject to change according to revision of Japanese law                                                                        (updated: August 2018)