Levonorgestrel prescription

Morning after or Plan B pill

   Levonorgestrel tablet, also known as the morning after or plan B pill, is prescribed for girls after unprotected sexual intercourse. This medicine should be taken within 72 hours after the intercourse (within 48 hours or earlier is considered to be more effective).

   In Japan it was not easy or simple for girls to get levonorgestrel because there had been only branded levonorgestrel till March, 2019, which was very expensive (about 13,000 JYN for one tablet) and was prescribed only by gynecologists. After April, 2019, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare decided to accept a generic levonorgestrel and the price of one tablet became about 4,500 JYN*. It is a great benefit and relief for girls who may encounter an unexpected accident in a foreign country. In Japan the high cost and the unusual situation of a patient had made the hurdle to prescribe it extremely high for doctors who are not gynecologists. I also used to refer a patient to a gynecologist in these cases. But now the tablet price is much lower and the Japanese government has opened the door more widely for levonorgestrel by accepting the generic medicine to protect girls. This situation may make doctors who are not gynecologists prescribe levonorgestrel more easily than before.

   Please check the information about levonorgestrel in following links and be sure to have proper information by yourself. If you need levonorgestrel, please write to Dr. Yumi before your visit and get an appointment. I hope all women are protected and have a happy safe life in Japan.

*You need some extra charge for the doctor consultation and a prescription that are decided by Japanese law. Please ask me in details when you make an appointment.

English information about levonorgestrel: https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a610021.html