Vaccination Charge List

The table below shows the type of vaccinations you may receive at the clinic. "Required number of shots & period" means, if you want to get a hepatitis type B vaccination for example, you have to take three shots over the course of four or five months to acquire enough immunity against hepatits type B virus. This means if you take the first shot one day, you take the second shot a month later, and then the last shot three months after the second shot. The charge refers to the cost of each shot. For example, to complete the hepatitis type B vaccination, you have to pay 3,000 JYN three times, for a total cost of  9,000 JYN.
Again, please note that the Japanese Health Insurance does not cover the charge for vaccinations and you will have to pay the full price for them.

**Many private hospitals in Japan do not accept payment by credit card. Please be sure to bring enough cash when you visit the clinic.

Other notes:
1) Periods between the same shots are recommended and decided as standard by Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

2) When you are not sure if you have already acquired immunity against some virus below, you can get a blood test to check.

3) Yellow fever, rabies and typhoid vaccinations are not available.

4) Malaria can be prevented by oral pills. Please read "Malaria precaution" page.          

required number of shots & period
Charge (JYN)
hepatits type A
2 (2 - 4 weeks)
5600 JYN
hepatitis type B
2 (4 weeks) +1 (5-6 months)
2900 JYN
2 (3 - 8 weeks) +1 (12-18 months)
1200 JYN
mixture of tetanus & diphtheria
2 (3 - 8 weeks) +1 (12-18 months)
2000 JYN
Japanese encephalitis
2 (1 - 4 weeks) +1 (12 months)
4100 JYN
3600 JYN
3600 JYN
mixture of measles & rubella
7100 JYN
3500 JYN
*The prices are subject to change without notice (updated in July, 2017)