Natural Life

Medaka fish

Two months ago one of my friends gave me Japanese Medaka and Kingyo fish. Some of Medaka had eggs. He told me how to collect eggs and I started to take care of these eggs.  After a week the first two babies were born. They were so tiny and translucent. And later I had more and more (up to about 30 in a day) babies. I made Medaka fishponds (Ikesu) by wine corks and Tofu package and floated them in a huge lily pot. Because grown-up Medaka and Kingyo fish eat these babies, I had to separate them safely. Now the eldest babies are about 2 months old and 2 cm long. Because mother Medaka died a few weeks ago, all I have now are baby and kid Medaka. I am sure I was at the birth of more than 1000 babies, but unfortunately now only a hundred are alive. I wonder if I keep them till they become parents and I get their babies.