Natural Life

Here, fortunately, we have no typhoon or earthquake, but at a JR platform in a small town, I wonder how these commuters are so silent, tidy and well-ordered. I always like these Japanese people and feel proud of.

At last beautiful autumn is around here. I guess it is time we have an autumn Ikebana class soon! These flowers are called Higan-bana (彼岸花)and it means 'flowers of the Autumnal Equinox'. If you see the mountains or rice fields at this season, you will notice their beautiful red trimming of mountain slopes or country street sides. Enjoy!

There is an Alert to Japanese encephalitis infection in Kochi now. I hope everyone get vaccination and protected.

On August 17th, the Kochi prefecture office alerted people of an infection of the Japanese encephalitis virus. They took blood samples from ten random pigs to test for this virus. After being tested, 80% of the pigs were infected with the virus.  It is usually thought to be dangerous at 50% infection. Pigs are compromised carriers of the Japanese Encephalitis virus and people can be infected indirectly through mosquitoes. One in 1,000 people who are infected by the virus may develop serious encephalitis and 20-40% of people who got encephalitis may lose their lives. In Kochi, there are no reports of the patients after 2011, but in Japan, 3 cases were reported last year. Please be careful about mosquitoes, and please remember to vaccinate children for the disease, if they haven’t been already. (from Kochi Newspaper on August 20th)

One of patients gave us a bunch of Rudbeckia flowers. When I uploaded this picture a friend in Nabraska messaged me that they now had beautiful bloom of Rudbeckia there, too. It is nice we share the beauty of the same flowers and the nature even when we are living so far away. The autumn is just there and we have a beautiful season!

Even on such a day, there are cicadas that have come out of the ground and try to cry as loud as they can to show they are really alive at this moment. Usually they live underground for about 10 years and after come out only a week. If I were the one who is born today only for a week, I might be upset, desperate and curse my unluck. Such a small insect can tell me how I should appreciate my life and live with hope and joy.